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This Is War

I'm working my way through the D.Gray-man anime. There's quite a bit of filler to be found when compared to the manga, but some of it fleshes out a few things skimmed over in the manga, so I can deal with that aspect. And it's always nice to see more of certain characters. Besides, I can't hate on an anime with good music.

Party Time!

Let's learn how to make a festive Kwanzaa cake with Sandra Lee!

How delicious - especially the corn nuts!

Cutting the cord

Our household recently ditched our cable tv subscription. Paying almost $125 a month for the subscription + boxes & remotes when you don't have much interest in the content is too high a price. We invested in a trio of Roku XDs - between the Netflix subscription & the other channels on there, I for one am not missing cable. The cheap media server app is also nice - I've got a ton of video in one of the accepted formats already because of converting things for my iPod Touch.

Rumor has it that Crunchyroll is going to eventually have a channel on Roku, so I'll be able to get more anime via TV besides what's on various official YouTube channels. I had a lot of hope for Hulu Plus, I really did. I could just see myself getting off of the laptop and watching all that anime on the TV via Roku, but it's a no-go. Hulu Plus has only a fraction of the overall content of regular Hulu. The anime offered is much less than what Netflix has. So, I'll be connecting ye olde laptop to the TV and watching via Hulu Desktop. Gotta get that anime fix somehow, especially all the new stuff (yay, Shiki!). And hooking up a jailbroken iPod Touch to get what bits of Crunchyroll's content I'm interested in gets old after a while.


A little horror is nice sometimes

I'm a little in love with the anime Shiki at the moment. It's reminiscent of the old school vampire novels & movies that I enjoyed growing up.

Love the OP, Kuchizuke, by Buck-Tick, too.


Galactic Bishounen

Tell me that someone else is watching the fabulous bullshit that is Star Driver. I saw it described as 'Utena with mecha,' saw what studio/artists were involved, and decided I had to watch. I'm so glad I did, just for this transformation scene:

I'm sticking with this one - reminds me of Utena, Melody of Oblivion, & a bit of Rahxephon among other things. It's too crazy not to give it a chance.

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